When All Else Fails

First-Class, women-centric care for hormone issues & autoimmunity. Get fully-integrative care from a holistic doctor and nutritionist for $175/month.

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Conditions We Treat:

Our doctors specialize in complex health issues ignored by conventional medicine.

Hormonal Health

Fatigue, menopause, fertility, thyroid issues, cycle optimization

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Chronic breakouts, pain & other confusing symptoms

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Digestive Issues

Inflammatory bowel, SIBO, gas & bloating. 

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Root Cause Medicine.

Wisdom doctors go beyond surface-level appointments and help you treat the root cause of your health issues so you don’t have to keep dealing with symptoms. 

Plans Include:

Women's Health Doctor

Immediate appointments with a holistic women’s health doctor for support in tough moments.

Functional Nutritionist

Make crucial diet and lifestyle changes under the guidance of a professional nutritionist.

Advanced Testing

Get instant access to thousands of advanced tests conventional doctors skip.

How Wisdom Compares

No More Rushed Visits.

Appointments with Wisdom Doctors are always 60-minutes and go significantly deeper into health issues than conventional medicine.

Use Out-Of-Network Insurance.

If you have out-of-network health insurance benefits, we can help you seek reimbursement for your appointments. You’ll be eligible for up to 70% of your fees reimbursed.

Actionable Health Data

Get instant access to advanced tests for hormone levels, thyroid, vitamin/nutrient, biome, inflammation, and more.

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