If you don’t see progress by the end of your program, we will work with you for FREE until you do! Read More >

The Wisdom Promise

Investing in a new doctor can feel like a big commitment, especially when there is no guarantee that you will get the outcomes that you are looking for.

At Wisdom, we believe that our patients deserve to feel confident as they begin their care with us. So, we promise to continue working with you until you make progress with your health goals.

How does this work?

If you complete your first year-long program with Wisdom, and you feel like you have not made any progress with your health, we will provide you with complimentary 30-minute appointments with your Wisdom doctor until you start making progress.

What are the qualifications for free support from Wisdom?

  • Complete all of the appointments with your doctor and nutritionist that were included in your first year-long program with Wisdom.
  • Fill out the Wisdom Progress Questionnaire before at least 50% of your appointments with your doctor.
  • Complete testing at the beginning and end of your first year-long program with Wisdom.

If you think you qualify for free care, or would like our support making sure that you have access to this opportunity at the end of your first year at Wisdom, please reach out to our Care Team at (503) 966-9339 or info@wisdommedicine.com.