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Lauren Rosenblume

Lauren Rosenblume

Co-Founder, Director of Care & Operations


As the Director of Care & Operations at Wisdom, I am here to ensure a seamless experience for you before and between your visits with your practitioners. Whether you are looking to select a doctor, schedule your next appointment, or coordinate any aspect of your care, I can help! Having received rushed, medication-focused care from conventional medicine doctors for most of my life, I have become very invested in personalizing the healthcare experience for patients like you. With a BA in Psychology and MS in Nutrition & Integrative Health, I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings. Prior to joining the team at Wisdom, I supervised the patient care and daily operations of a functional medicine clinic in San Francisco.


Like many teenage girls, I went on oral contraceptive pills at 17 years old. I thought it was going to be a really scary decision, as I secretly booked an appointment with my pediatrician and asked her for a birth control prescription. To my surprise, I felt empowered and responsible, as this was one of the first choices I had made for my body on my own.

A year later, I switched to an IUD for convenience, and quickly saw my periods disappear, which honestly… made my routine so much easier. Getting to save money on tampons as a broke college kid? Score! I continued to feel very good about my relationship with hormonal birth control, and remained on it for another 8 years.

In my mid-twenties, though, I became more in-tune with how I was caring for my body. I had established daily habits to support my health, including exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet. However, I couldn’t – for the life of me – figure out why I was functioning less optimally than I wanted to be. I knew I deserved to feel better than “just fine”.

I had a pouch of lower belly fat that wouldn’t go away, and despite all of the “self love” work I was doing to unconditionally accept my weight, I had an intuitive feeling that there was a mysterious culprit behind it. My skin faced ongoing challenges with acne (especially on my chin), even though I tried countless strong topical and oral prescriptions from my dermatologist… all of which just seemed to irritate my skin, making it red and dry. Worst of all, I had thick hair growth everywhere, which I was waxing off as often as possible to avoid embarrassment. I also experienced regular anxiety, but found myself dismissing this over and over again while rhetorically asking: Doesn’t everyone?

Frustrated by how “off” I felt, especially since I was investing so much time and effort into my health, I hopped from doctor to doctor trying to find answers. Every single one of them reassured me that I was the healthiest patient they had seen in weeks. My jaw would drop at the end of each appointment, as I thought to myself:

“How could you possibly know whether or not I’m at my healthiest, when you only spent 10 minutes with me, measured my weight, and asked me a handful of impersonal questions about my health history?”

One of the primary physicians I tried working with casually gave me a PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) diagnosis without any testing, and put me on a pharmaceutical prescription that resulted in no improvement after almost a year of being on it.

I decided to take my health into my own hands. I started researching, and eventually, found a functional medicine doctor near me.

I had no idea what I was signing up for, but knew that what I had been doing was NOT working. I needed to try something different.

After my first appointment with my functional medicine doctor, everything changed.

I had a clear understanding of the strategy that my doctor wanted to utilize to investigate and treat my health concerns. I was given an in-depth lab order, a couple at-home test kits, and a blood sugar monitor to explore the possible causes of my symptoms. I couldn’t believe that there were so many different tools for examining what was going on “under the hood”!

My functional medicine doctor quickly used my results to disprove my PCOS diagnosis, which explained why the pharmaceutical prescription (that had been previously pushed on me by my primary physician) wasn’t effective. We had significant evidence, though, to believe that my hormones were in need of some balancing.

Over the coming months, my functional medicine doctor helped me explore and tweak various treatments centered around diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes. I saw major improvements in my energy and mood, but continued to have fluctuations with my hormones.

After an incredible abundance of resources provided by my functional medicine doctor, I decided to go off of hormonal birth control. She held my hand as I completed a detox in preparation for possible PBCS (post birth control syndrome), started menstrual herbs, supported my adrenals, managed my cortisol (stress hormone) levels, balanced my blood sugar, started naturally tracking my cycle, switched to non-toxic skincare, and healed my gut.

My healing is indeed an ongoing journey, meaning that I schedule appointments with my Wisdom doctor every couple months so I can optimize in various ways. But today, I finally feel energized, less bloated, and confident in my glowy (and pain-free) skin. I have a much deeper understanding of my body and what it uniquely needs to thrive. And, when I periodically complete follow-up testing, my hormone levels are all in normal ranges.

Best of all, I know now that I deserve to have a doctor who…

Wants me to feel better than “just fine”.

Advocates for me and feels like a true partner.

Believes me when I say something feels “off” or uncomfortable.

Takes time to know me on a personal level.

Investigates my symptoms to uncover the root cause.

Personalizes my treatment plan.

Finds solutions that go beyond pharmaceutical medication.

Actually helps me experience improvement.

… and so do YOU.

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