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When Conventional Medicine Fails


Wisdom Medicine is a premier functional medicine clinic designed specifically for women with fully virtual, non-dismissive, and holistic care.

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Women deserve better

Every year, millions of women are told that they are “fine” and their health issues are nonexistent. When patients join Wisdom, 94% of them tell us that they have experienced dismissive doctors, and that they are looking for a doctor who will believe them when they report that something feels off.

At Wisdom, we believe that how a patient feels is an equally important marker of health as test results. We also know that the majority of female-specific health issues are improvable (and often reversible) if the underlying cause is addressed. These causes are identified by our doctors with comprehensive testing,  which often includes and goes beyond basic blood panels to reveal hundreds of data points about a patient’s health.

Symptoms We Treat

Research shows that nearly half of women will experience a hormone issue in their lifetime. Hormone balances are delicate; one imbalance can create a domino effect by altering the production of others. This is why hormone imbalances can cause a variety of confusing symptoms.

Digestion is the root cause of most chronic health issues, and therefore, healing your gut microbiome is essential to reversing both digestive and non-digestive symptoms. Conventional medicine usually treats digestive issues by masking them with PPI’s or laxatives. Wisdom doctors help you discover the root cause(s) of your digestive imbalances, which may include low enzyme production, low stomach acid, gut bacteria imbalances, and improper eating habits.

Autoimmunity happens when the immune system becomes overwhelmed, making antibodies that accidentally attack body tissues. Conventional medicine tells us this is purely a genetic process. However, autoimmune prevalence has risen 300% since 1960, suggesting it’s more influenced by lifestyle than genetics.

All of our doctors specialize in hormones, digestion, energy, and focus. Each of them also have other specialties which may include: autoimmunity, menstrual health, fertility, peri/menopause, metabolic health, heart health, thyroid health, adrenal health, pain management, food sensitivities, infections, and holistic primary care.

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When you register, our care team will help match you with a Wisdom doctor and nutritionist. We will answer all of your questions so that you can feel confident starting your care with us. We will also immediately schedule your 1st appointment with your Wisdom doctor, during which you will review your health history and together build a personalized strategy for addressing your health concerns.

Complete your lab testing

After your 1st appointment, your Wisdom doctor will place orders for your recommended testing. These tests may include bloodwork (to be completed at a lab near you) or at-home test kits. While testing is our go-to way to uncover the root cause of symptoms, all recommended testing is optional. Testing costs are not included in the program cost, but can be ordered to fit into your budget.

Begin your treatment plan

Your Wisdom doctor will review test results with you and provide a personalized protocol centered around nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes. During your 12-month care program, you will have a total of 10 appointments to use. This means you will meet with your Wisdom doctor or nutritionist almost every month to address questions, refine your protocol, and tackle new goals.

Gather 100+ Health Biomarkers For

A Targeted Treatment Protocol

Test your hormones, thyroid, metabolism, inflammation, gut biome, food sensitivities, vitamin levels, and much more. Testing will either be sent to your home or to a lab location near you.

Client Stories

In my early twenties, I began getting 1+ UTIs a month. My doctors couldn’t find any culprits. I was put on a 6-month course of antibiotics, which worked until it didn’t. I turned to Wisdom as a last effort, and was paired with Dr. Chante. From our first meeting, I knew she was different from other doctors. She asked every question under the sun, and didn’t give fluff answers to my questions. She ran tests that other doctors hadn’t, and they came back full of answers! Since then, I’ve had no UTIs.. I’ve lost weight and even the little symptoms (fatigue and bloating) are gone. The other day, someone told me I was glowing! I can’t thank Wisdom and Dr. Chante enough for getting me back to living my day to day life without fear that a UTI will ruin it.

Maguire, NC

Wisdom Client

Wisdom is as the name describes…WISE. It’s perfect for the person frustrated with conventional medicine not getting to the root of the issue. After getting my results back and knowing exactly what was off with my body, I am able to live with more ease. I’ve only recently started with my protocol, and my symptoms have improved vastly. I love how caring and sweet Dr. Dooley, my nutritionist, and my care team is. I no longer feel like a crazy patient with a mysterious, unsolvable problem. I feel like a complex human with a chance of living a balanced, holistic life with a supportive team to back me up. And not only that, but an inspiring team who has already been in my shoes and gotten to the other side of their health journey.

Anaregina, GA

Wisdom Client

The Wisdom Promise

If you don’t see progress within 1 year, we will work with you for FREE until you do!

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