Meet our staff:

Tommy Ross, CNS
Functional Nutritionist

I’m a functional nutritionist that helps men and women uncover the root causes of their IBS and how to cure them naturally. I have over 6 years of experience and studied a great deal of time to earn a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Human Performance and my CNS certification (RD equivalent for holistic nutrition).

About Tommy Ross, CNS

I am an expert at helping people of all backgrounds and skillsets and love to share my tips in a fun and easy manner. I have used my evidence based approach and cutting edge functional tests to help 100’s of patients reclaim their lives.

I know what it’s like to be dismissed by western medicine and left with nothing but useless testing with a warm send off and deep breathing exercises. I struggled with IBS pain all throughout high school and college, had SIBO for an entire year, and have dealt with multiple food sensitivities and intolerances since I can remember. I learned that in order to heal you have to address the gut and the brain, and so I use that approach with my clients with great success.

I work with YOU to make it easy, enjoyable, and highly effective so you feel ready at every step. Together we can make this an experience that will change your life forever! So no pressure, but… what are ya waiting for?

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