Meet our staff:

Lauren Rosenblume
Client Coordinator

It’s great to meet you! I am the Client Coordinator at Wisdom Health, with an educational background in nutrition and psychology.

You can count on me to ensure a seamless experience for you between your visits with your practitioners. Whether you are looking to select a doctor, schedule your next appointment, or coordinate any aspect of your care, I am here to help.

Having received rushed, medication-focused care from conventional medicine doctors for most of my life, I have become very invested in personalizing the healthcare experience for patients like you. 

With my BA in Psychology and MS in Nutrition & Integrative Health, I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings. Prior to joining the team at Wisdom Health, I supervised the patient care and daily operations as the Clinic Manager of a functional medicine clinic in San Francisco. I am also certified as a Manifestation & Mindset Coach, supporting my clients to reframe their challenges and perceived limitations so that they can enjoy their most confident & fulfilled lives.

About Lauren Rosenblume

My Story

Growing up, my relationship with food was a constant stressor. From being teased for being overweight in elementary school to battling an eating disorder as a teenager, I was always searching for my worth through whatever was on my plate. As an adult, it quickly became clear to me that my definition of “healthy” needed to evolve into something sustainable, safe, and most importantly, enjoyable. 

I started researching holistic health and quickly became inspired by the idea that wellness is a whole-body philosophy. I began my personal healing journey, enrolled in grad school, became the go-to person in my community for all things “nutrition”, and released my own digital cookbook. Once the pandemic hit, I found myself exploring mental health more deeply than ever before. I realized that nearly everyone around me (especially the women) felt stuck in at least one area of their lives, as a result of their insecurities and fears. I was determined to guide these ladies in reprogramming their beliefs and creating limitless lives, so I became specialized in manifestation and my coaching business was born.

Now, as a part of Wisdom Health, I am thrilled to grow my commitment to helping people feel their best by continuing to improve access to personalized healthcare. I can’t wait to support you!

Professional Credentials

Masters of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health 

Certified Manifestation & Mindset Coach 

Bachelors in Psychology 

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