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Dr. Tim Shannon
Functional Doctor

I’m a licensed Naturopathic Physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. I began my practice in 2001 in Portland, OR, using homeopathy as my prime modality. I mostly treated patients with mental health issues during these 13 years. I was able to successfully help patients with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Chronic Grief and other conditions.

I then moved up to Olympia, WA with my family to join a practice. I started seeing many more chronic physical diseases including migraines, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and overall complex chronic physical disease.

After hearing that a particular form of homeopathy called Polarity Analysis (PA) could help patients with ADHD and chronic multi morbid disease (at least three chronic diseases), I learned PA and began to rely on it in my practice. This form of homeopathy enabled patients to experience resolution of chronic complex issues routinely. Eventually I ended up teaching the method and continue to do so here.

About Dr. Tim Shannon

Areas of Specialty

Mental health
Complex/chronic conditions
Weight management/loss

My Story

In my 20’s I was a carpenter in New York City. I developed chronic low back pain and depression. A friend recommended I see a homeopathic provider in NYC.

In the interview with the provider, he asked many questions. The entire conversation lasted 90 minutes. At the end, he gave me a single dose of a homeopathic medicine. Then he suggested I return for a follow-up in 8 weeks. That was the “treatment.”

When I returned 8 weeks later, he asked me if the medicine helped. I told him no, I didn’t feel any different. He then asked me, “So your depression is unchanged?” I then became slightly puzzled and said, “Did I come in for depression?” He laughed and said, “That’s what you told me.” I had forgotten the depression as it had gradually resolved without my notice. He then inquired, “How is your back pain?” Again, I was dumbfounded as I’d not had any back pain at all in over a month. That experience surprised me and was what ultimately led to me getting
my Naturopathic Degree in Portland Oregon at NUNM.

Why I love being a Naturopathic Physician

Growing up, two important mentors were my father and grandfather. My father was a Crane Operator in NYC. My grandfather was a carpenter. From them I learned how to think for myself, troubleshoot and be tenacious in solving complex problems. I worked for 15 years in carpentry and was always excited when there were challenges to solve. In fact, many colleagues would often be happy to hand me the complex jobs such as building spiral staircases.

As a consequence I’ve become passionate about looking outside the box. In addition, I’ve always been an advocate for patients who have intractable chronic complaints. Thankfully, due to PA homeopathy, I’m able to help many complex chronic diseases.

More recently, I’ve been seeing more and more patients who have been injured by the covid-19 spike protein. Unfortunately, many of these patients are finding little help in conventional medical circles. Sadly, these patients are suffering many health complaints such as: tachycardia, extreme fatigue, brain fog, neurological symptoms, multiple menstrual challenges and severe depression and anxiety. Often singular patients have all the above symptoms and many more.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to help them recover their energy and resolve many of the above symptoms. Homeopathy helps direct their own healing mechanisms to address the complex issues they suffer safely and relatively rapidly.

In addition, PA homeopathy can also markedly help many patients with other chronic complex diseases. This includes a broad array of mental health challenges, as well as autoimmune disease and many other chronic diseases.

What I love outside of work

I’m a big fan of Qigong, Non-Dual Meditation techniques and spending time with friends and family. My wife and I also have a large garden that we love.

In addition, I am and have always been an inveterate lover of nature. Whether it be the multitude of humming birds that visit our yard, the deer, and the occasional owl.

Why I work at Wisdom

I work at Wisdom because using this telehealth platform allows me to see a much broader group of patients. This is particularly the case for rural areas. Another compelling reason to work with Wisdom is the variety of resources they provide to my patients.

Overall, their health care vision and mine are a match. We both want to see people get the healthcare for complex chronic disease that they deserve. People deserve to have their complaints resolved, instead of merely “managed.”

For instance, many chronic migraine sufferers, insomniacs, and people with common mental health complaints are looking for a way to resolve their complaints. Most would prefer such treatment rather than perennially taking a multitude of drugs that give temporary relief. In addition, most would prefer to not be dependent on medications and procedures.

Wisdom provides an efficient platform to deliver health care that eventually becomes unnecessary. They support me to run my practice to achieve that goal.

Professional Credentials

  • Graduated NUNM in Portland in 2001
  • Successfully been in practice as a Homeopathic and Naturopathic Physician since 2001
  • Board certification in Homeopathy
  • Teaching Polarity Analysis Homeopathy since 2019
  • Published many case studies underlining the utility of homeopathy

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