Meet our staff:

Dr. Rachel Day
Naturopathic Doctor

My name is Rachel Day and I am trained as a Naturopathic Physician. It has been my goal to
create a healing environment with my clients and be a sounding board, as well as an active
support person on their journey to health. My background in health psychology and holistic
care has shaped my practice to include all aspects of mind, body and spirit healing. I enjoy
having a full toolbox which includes the use of many modalities. This includes but is not limited
to counseling, herbs, movement, meditation, IV therapy, regenerative injections and bio-
identical hormones.

About Dr. Rachel Day

Areas of Specialty

  • Women’s health and fertility
  • Hormone balance
  • Menopause
  • Skin conditions including acne, aging, and sun damage
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint/ligament injuries
  • Autoimmune concerns
  • Thyroid health
  • Digestive disorders

My Story

The training in Naturopathic Medical school is vigorous and gives a thorough understanding of
physiology, anatomy, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, there is a focus on botanical medicine,
prevention, exercise science, and nutrition. I completed a 2-year family practice residency in Billings, Montana giving me valuable experience in primary care as well as specialty training in gastrointestinal dis-ease, autoimmune concerns, fertility and chronic patterns of illness. I currently practice in an integrative setting in Mukilteo, Washington and Bozeman, Montana. I love seeing clients through all walks of life and witness the inherent healing ability within all of us.

Why I Love Being a Naturopathic Doctor

The most influential person on my journey to Naturopathic Medicine was my mother. I admire her compassion for others and research into alternative medicine which helped shape my personal journey. She influenced me with her curiosity for natural remedies as well as utilizing
knowledge from her handy herbal book before taking me and my sisters to allopathic doctors. During college, I found my interest in psychology and whole-person healing. I began to
understand the therapeutic “one on one” relationship could really address a multitude of concerns. I then shifted my internal focus from biology to health psychology and ultimately
Naturopathic Medicine which I was introduced to during my undergraduate education. I love
taking the time to understand each individual’s health journey and Naturopathic Medicine allows me this amazing opportunity!

What I Love Outside of Work

I enjoy spending time with my young son and exploring the outdoors through rock climbing adventures and hiking.

Why I Work at Wisdom

Wisdom allows for clients to reach qualified holistic practitioners and opens up my practice to a wide range of clients and health concerns.

Professional Credentials

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in Washington and Montana.

Graduated from Bastyr University in Washington State in 2010.

Completion of 2-year CNME approved family practice residency.

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