Meet our staff:

Dr. Nini Callan
Functional Doctor

*Not currently accepting new clients.

Whether you have a previous diagnosis or a recent constellation of symptoms, have an established healthcare team or are flying solo in search of help, I am here to partner with you in pursuit of health and healing.

I practice personalized, evidence-informed, integrative medicine—always with an eye towards empowering and equipping my patients. In working with me, you can expect interactions marked by professionalism, compassionate listening, a patient interest in your story, personalized health education, and a collaborative mindset that places your well-being front and center.

I use western herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, supplements, fitness, lifestyle adjustments, pharmaceuticals (when called for), and collaborative referrals in my treatment plans.

About Dr. Nini Callan

Areas of specialty

Hormone health
Thyroid issues
Weight issues
Type II diabetes & pre-diabetes
Chronic complex disorders
Nutrition and fitness
Digestive disorders
Musculoskeletal conditions

My story

I received my degrees in medicine and medical research from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM).

I served as an integrative medical research Fellow for the BRIDG program, a cutting-edge collaboration between scientists and practitioners at NUNM and the University of Washington. Working alongside internationally renowned medical scientists, my research focused on women’s health.

A former college athlete and personal trainer, my clinical expertise benefits from a hard-won experiential and intuitive understanding of the body and its optimal performance.

Why I love being a Naturopathic Doctor

Feeling secure about your health is a wonderful thing. And that feeling begins with knowing you have a doctor you can TRUST — trust to care for you compassionately and holistically.

As my patient, you’ll always first be an honored individual. On that ground, our doctor-patient relationship can grow with the relaxed transparency that comes from a sense of trust and security. Your treatment, as a result, will be highly personalized, evidence-based, and the result of an active partnership between us.

What I love outside of work

I also love to spend time with my husband, acoustic guitar, and eternally teetering stack of library books.

Professional Credentials

  • Post-Doctoral Research Investigator, the Helfgott Research Institute
  • Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine & Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research, National University of Natural Medicine, 2015
  • NIH-funded BRIDG program as a T90 scholar at the University of Washington

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