Meet our staff:

Dr. Matt Baran-Mickle
Naturopathic Doctor

I’m a naturopathic physician practicing integrative primary care and specialty care, online and in person. I draw on my expertise in botanical medicine, diet and nutrient therapy, counseling, physical medicine, and pharmaceutical management to provide individualized, holistic care to my patients. My approach is relationship-oriented, with a focus on education – I want to know who my patients are, what motivates them, and for them to understand what we do and why.

About Dr. Matt Baran-Mickle

Areas of Specialty

Autoimmunity, allergies, infections
Thyroid health
Chronic fatigue
Digestive health
Cardiovascular health
Metabolic health
Musculoskeletal health
Pain management
Respiratory health
Skin health, psoriasis, acne, eczema
Mental health
Stress and burnout
Primary care

My Story

I grew up in a family that utilized both conventional and alternative medicine, receiving chiropractic and homeopathic treatment as well as regular visits with my pediatrician. In college, I developed a passion for human biology, and given my interest in teaching and my desire to work with people one-on-one, it became clear that a career in medicine was a perfect fit. As I completed a senior thesis on nutrition and autoimmunity, I considered conventional medical programs but decided I couldn’t buy into a system that managed to marginalize the health of both patients and providers. A friend told me about naturopathic medicine, and I was immediately hooked – it was a perfect way to integrate my interest in medicine with my love for nutrition, fitness, and alternative ways of thinking.

Why I Love Being a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic medicine gives me the philosophical and technical foundation to explore the root cause of health and disease in a way that nothing else could, and I get to spend every day working with wonderful people who aren’t getting what they need from conventional medicine. The breadth and depth of natural medicine keep me learning day after day, as I search for the best approaches for my patients. I love educating patients about their health and seeing them light up when something clicks about their health story – and seeing them get better on their own terms, with their own efforts. Naturopathic medicine empowers patients and physicians to get to the bottom of things and take back control from the disease-care system that dominates our modern world.

What I love Outside of Work

I live in a close-knit community and love spending time with my friends and family. I’ve always found joy in different fitness pursuits, from rock climbing to martial arts to strength training, and stay as active as I can. I love reading fiction, as well as non-fiction centering around philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and economics, satisfying my drive to see the big picture. I recently started cold plunging, and much to my surprise and have started to love waking up with a cold swim!

Why I Work at Wisdom

Wisdom makes it easy to connect with patients on our own terms, without the medical system in the middle, and they improve access to licensed natural medicine practitioners that might otherwise be out of reach for people around the country. Wisdom takes care of the back-end so we, patient and doctor, can do what we need to do – focus on healing and returning to vitality as quickly and sustainably as possible.

Professional Credentials

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University

Licensed naturopathic physician, state of Washington

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