Meet our staff:

Dr. Marie Benkley
Naturopathic Doctor

Hello! I am a licensed naturopathic physician in Oregon and Washington. I received my doctorate from the accredited National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, where I also completed 2 years of postdoctoral residency.

My approach is integrative, utilizing natural and conventional treatment to offer you the most evidence-based care, informed by the best research available and my clinical expertise. My approach is also holistic, understanding the connection between your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I strive to listen deeply, understand your unique story, and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan suited to your needs and goals.

My primary clinical focus is hormone health, with a passion for menstrual health, perimenopause, and menopause. Modalities that I use include herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle modifications, and pharmaceutical medication. I maintain an on-going commitment to providing care that is patient-centered, collaborative, and trauma-informed.

About Dr. Marie Benkley

Areas of Specialty

  • Menstrual health and PMS
  • Peri/menopause
  • Hormonal health, PCOS, fertility
  • Thyroid health
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mental health
  • Stress/burnout
  • Cardiometabolic health

My Story

I have long had a love for science, plants, herbal medicine, and public health. In my undergraduate education, I studied biology and community health and became very interested in creating systems that promote health and prevent disease. That interest led me to work in small-scale organic farming, community gardens, farm-based education, and food system sustainability initiatives. I considered a master’s degree in public health, yet felt drawn to working more directly with individuals rather than in policy. During a visit to Portland, OR (I’m originally an East-coaster), I came across the naturopathic medical university NUNM and knew it was the path for me.

Why I Love Being a Naturopathic Doctor

I value the naturopathic principle of docere (“physician as teacher”), which emphasizes the therapeutic nature of a strong, collaborative doctor-patient relationship. This principle honors the patient as healer and active participant in the process, and physician as educator and guide for healthful change. Additionally, as a naturopathic doctor I am trained in both natural and conventional therapeutics. This provides me with a wider variety of treatment options to offer based on medical appropriateness and patient preference.

What I Love Outside of Work

I love backpacking, powerlifting, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my partner & German Shepard pup.

Why I Work at Wisdom

Wisdom’s healthcare model provides patients with greater access to holistic care. I am able to reach more patients and provide thorough and effective care without the constraints of the conventional medical model. Wisdom’s team-based approach better supports patients’ health by integrating naturopathic and functional physicians with nutritionists, health coaches, and therapists.

Professional Credentials

Licensed Naturopathic Physician, graduated from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR

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