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Skin Conditions

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Skin conditions can be embarrassing, annoying, and hard to deal with. Fortunately, many skin conditions are highly manageable or even reversible with integrative medicine.

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The Root Causes of Skin Conditions:

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and one of its major functions is to expel dangerous toxins from the blood.

In western medicine, skin issues are treated only on the surface level (literally). While medications can push the underlying problem back down, it doesn’t address the real, underlying problem.

When you address the underlying toxicity in the blood, you give yourself a great chance to manage your symptoms before they flare up. This can be revolutionary for people with chronic skin conditions.

Toxins can be from a number of sources, including hormone imbalances, heavy metals, or even nutrient deficiencies. With an integrative approach, you’ll look at your life lifestyle holistically to find what may be causing the blood imbalances in the first place. In many instances, conventional medication can also be helpful as a supplement to treatment.

Skin conditions are also highly related to stress. Stress causes inflammation in the body, which tends to exacerbate flare-ups.

Treating Skin Diseases:

Fortunately, integrative medicine offers a lot of tools to help manage skin conditions.

We break this down into 3 distinct steps:

1. Advanced Screening & Testing

We start by putting all our patients with skin diseases through advanced blood testing to help us identify specific hormones, heavy metals, or nutrient irregularities in your blood. This gives us astounding insight into how to help you address the underlying toxicity. If your doctor feels it’s necessary, we also do gut-biome tests as your blood quality is highly affected by your digestion.

One of our doctors will also take a detailed health history report, to help you further identify lifestyle patterns that are leading to your skin condition. Oftentimes, our doctors can help you immediately identify common irritants that contribute to flare-ups.


2. Balancing Your Blood

With the new insights into your body, we can identify specific irritants you can remove. These tend to often be food-related, but can also be from exposure to chemicals, stress, and more.

Balancing your blood also includes rebuilding your gut biome. If you aren’t digesting food properly, food can sit in your gut and rot. This creates toxins that the body tries to expel through the blood, which can cause skin flare-ups.

Please note, rebuilding your gut biome is far more complicated than simply taking a probiotic. To do this properly, it’s important to do this under the care of a great Integrative Doctor & biome testing.


3. Managing Stress & Inflammation

Stress is like throwing lighter fluid on all your symptoms. Stress causes inflammation, which exacerbates skin flare-ups. We help you manage your stress with a number of methods.

Mindfulness and meditation is the most tried-and-tested method for reducing meditation. Many of our patients use their skin condition as a wake-up call to truly manage their stress.

Stress is also related to the nutrients in our blood, so we’ll help you identify deficiencies that may be contributing to stress.


Getting Started: 

All Wisdom members get access to a personal functional medicine doctor, as well as our Foundations of Healing course, to support you as you make targeted lifestyle changes, and begin to move your skin condition into remission.

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