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Autoimmune & Inflammation

+ Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Celiacs, Grave’s Disease.

Autoimmune conditions are complex, interrelated, and difficult to diagnose. Integrative medicine opens a whole new world of treatment options for autoimmune conditions. 

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The Root Causes of Allergies & Auto-Immune Issues:

Autoimmune conditions are tricky to diagnose, and many people go years or longer without a proper diagnosis. Many symptoms like allergies, chronic pain, skin conditions, and digestive issues stem from underlying autoimmunity.

Autoimmune conditions happen when your body’s immune system starts attacking itself, causing chronic pain and inflammation. They are often caused by underlying food allergies and stimulated by stress. The combination of stress and inflammatory foods flushing through your body can create a host of annoying symptoms that conventional medicine has little or no solutions for.

It’s critical to treat autoimmune conditions at their early signs, as once you develop one autoimmune condition, it becomes 3x more likely for you to develop a second.

Conventional medicine treats autoimmune conditions as a disconnected set of symptoms. In Integrative medicine, we see autoimmune conditions on a spectrum of inflammation. Underlying inflammation causes a wide range of symptoms that is the real root cause of most autoimmune conditions.

In the conventional medicine paradigm, autoimmune conditions are considered incurable. This is a little misleading, however, as what that actually means is the conditions can’t be completely eradicated from your body. However, when you learn the underlying causes and avoid your triggers, it is possible to move your condition into remission.

With an integrative/functional medicine approach, autoimmune conditions are treated at their root cause, which in almost all cases are digestive. When you begin to treat the underlying digestive issues and inflammation, it becomes possible to move autoimmune conditions into remission.

Treating Allergies & Auto-Immune Conditions:

Treating autoimmune issues looks different for everyone but almost always involves reworking your digestive environment. Diet changes are a huge part of this, but there’s much more to it including identifying infections, toxicity, and other causes of internal inflammation. We utilize a wide variety of advanced functional medicine tests to help give you greater insight into your unique causes of inflammation.

Reducing stress is another essential component of treating autoimmune conditions. Reducing stress involves a lot of targeted lifestyle changes. All of our members get full access to our Foundations of Healing course, which will guide you in both inflammation and stress reduction techniques.

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