Advanced Burnout


A Corporate Holistic Wellness Program.

We help teams use functional medicine to address physiological imbalances that contribute to stress and burnout.


American Companies Are Severely Burnt Out.

More than 50% of women in leadership positions consistently feel burned out.

53% of Americans have magnesium and Vitamin D deficiencies, a key contributor to stress.

92% of Americans have some form of nutrient deficiency.

80% of women suffer from some form of hormone imbalance, a key contributor to burnout.

What We Do For Corporations:

Complete Health Analysis

Every member of your team will go through a deep health analysis with a functional doctor to identify potential issues.

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Individual Health Protocol

A comprehensive protocol designed by your doctor to help each team member address their underlying health issues and prevent burnout.

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Advanced Labs & Tests

Get blood tests for adrenal fatigue, vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, neurotransmitters, and more.


2 Doctor Visits Each

Every team member will have 2 60-minute appointments with a functional doctor to help individualize their testing and treatment regimens.

Stop Burnout At Its Root Causes.

Do your key team members struggle with burnout? 

Stress and burnout are often indicative of underlying physiological imbalances. 77% of people working in corporate environments experience burnout at some point in their career. Many put up with high levels of stress and burnout when it can easily be addressed through targeted nutrition and supplementation. 

Research shows that stress, burnout, chronic fatigue, and other endemic workplace conditions all have their roots in underlying physiological issues, and getting to the physiological roots is the fastest, most effective way to treat it.

Our functional doctors will give each member of your team a full health evaluation and a series of functional medicine tests. They will then design each member a personal health protocol to address their underlying imbalances contributing to stress and burnout. This includes:

✔  Blood vitamin, mineral & micronutrients levels

✔  Neurotransmitters & Stress Hormones

✔  Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Magnesium levels

Estrogen, Progesterone levels

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Testosterone/DHEA

✔  Thyroid & Cortisol Hormones

✔  Digestion and absorption levels

✔  Inflammation levels




View a Sample Health Protocol >>

After analysis, your doctor will create an individualized health protocol for each team member targeted at regulating stress, balancing hormones, and addressing deficiencies to maximize energy and performance.

Meet Dr. Nicolette Callan.

I believe to pursue optimal health, we first need to define what health means.

It’s vital to remember that health is always about all of you. It is holistic. It refers to the overall well-being of the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual you. It involves everything from your diet and posture to your sleep and breathing. Your mental habits? Your prevalent attitudes? Your home and work environments? Yes, yes, and yes. These all impact your health.

Healthcare, then, means identifying, tracking, and analyzing how these factors add up and interact — not generically, but within your own unique and ever-changing situation. Next, healthcare means getting you in touch with the most effective care available across medical disciplines for protecting and strengthening your complete well-being.

Within this vision of health, your doctor should be someone who cares about the total you, both in terms of trustworthy empathy and in terms of professional expertise. Your doctor should be a collaborator, a supporter, a resource, and a champion for your health. Their bottom line should be your ultimate best.

Standard Program Includes:

✔  Two appointments with a functional medicine doctor.

✔  In-depth full health analysis. 

✔  Advanced lab tests.

✔   Individualized health protocol including:

  • Supplement protocol
  • Diet suggestions
  • Specific lifestyle practices


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