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Wisdom Care Program

Start your care with us, and get exclusive access to:

  • A comprehensive health history evaluation & strategy session during your 1st appointment

  • Two 60-minute doctor appointments

  • Four 30-minute doctor appointments

  • Four 45-minute nutritionist appointments

  • Personalized & detailed care protocols after each appointment to strategically address new & ongoing goals

  • A designated Care Coordinator to guide you with next steps

  • Messaging inside the portal with your doctor & nutritionist

Personalized care and personalized pricing

$350/month for 6 months >>> Interest 0.00% APR

$189.53/month for 12 months >>> Interest 14.99% APR

$72.80/month for 36 months >>> Interest 15.00% APR

$1900 paid upfront ($200-off) >>> Use promo code CARE200

We’ve partnered with Affirm to offer you flexible payment options! Because of this partnership, all payments are managed externally to Wisdom, and we cannot offer mid-program cancellations. 

The Wisdom Difference

Affordable & Transparent Pricing

No guessing or waiting to see how much your insurance covers. While the average cost of a functional medicine appointment outside of Wisdom is $460 per hour, we charge only $175 per month.

Non-Dismissive Practitioners

We always prioritize your best interest, ensuring that every concern is heard and addressed. Our team will never judge you or disregard you if something feels “off” or like there’s room for improvement.

Short Wait Times, Long Appointments

Instead of the average 1-month wait time, meet with your Wisdom practitioners in 1-2 weeks or less. You will always have 30-60 minute appointments, with a total of 10 to use during your program.

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing

Wisdom doctors will recommend in-depth lab testing to identify 100+ data points about your health that are then used to personalize and target your treatment plans for improved outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will my appointment be in-person or virtual via telehealth?

All of our appointments are fully virtual, but they are intentionally 30-60 minutes so that you can still form deep relationships with your Wisdom practitioners and receive highly personalized care through telehealth.

How does testing work?

After your first appointment, your Wisdom doctor will place orders for your recommended lab test(s). If you previously completed testing, we encourage you to provide those results so that your Wisdom doctor can factor them in and help you avoid completing duplicate testing.

Recommended tests may be in the form of bloodwork (to be completed at a lab near you) or an at-home test kit (which may require urine samples, stool samples, or another sample type that you will collect on your own). If you need to head into a lab, we will always help you find a location!

While testing is Wisdom’s go-to way to uncover the root cause of one’s symptoms, all testing recommended during your program is optional. Testing costs are also not included in the program cost, but can be ordered to fit into your budget.

Can I use an HSA/FSA for my program costs?

Yes! We accept most HSA/FSA plans.

Can I use my health insurance? How much reimbursement should I expect?

Like many functional medicine clinics, we do not yet bill directly to insurance. If you are working with a Wisdom doctor who is licensed in the same state that you are located AND you have out-of-network benefits, you are qualified to submit your invoices from your Wisdom appointments to your insurance for possible reimbursement. The amount that may get reimbursed will depend on a number of factors including your policy’s terms and whether you have met your deductible.

Can my Wisdom doctor prescribe pharmaceutical medications?

Possibly! Most Naturopathic and Functional Medicine doctors (depending on state license) can legally prescribe medications, just like primary care physiciabs. If you need a practitioner who can write you prescriptions, make sure to ask our care team if:

  • The practitioner you are working with is in your state of residence.
  • Your state of residence allows Naturopathic Doctors to prescribe.
If my Wisdom doctor is licensed in a different state from where I am located, how does this change my care?

Your program will be just as in-depth and comprehensive as if you were working with a doctor in-state! The only 2 differences for you will be:

• Your Wisdom doctor will not be able to prescribe pharmaceutical medication for you. If there is ever a need, we will encourage you to go through your current primary care physician near you, or we will happily help you find one.

• You will not legally be qualified to apply to your insurance for possible reimbursement for your Wisdom appointments.

The Wisdom Promise

If you don’t see progress by the end of your program, we will work with you for FREE until you do!

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