Start Taking Clients With Wisdom

We help functional & naturopathic doctors break out of the hospital and insurance systems, and immediately receive quality, remote, cash-pay clients.

We operate as your management company, which means you don’t work for us, we work for you! Our practitioners have complete control over their schedule and their plans of care for patients.

As a Wisdom practitioner, you’ll also have access to all our educational resources and health protocols for clients. That means your clients will be receiving help and support outside your appointment times.

Our Fee:

15% Appointment Commission

Our simple, straightforward pricing plan gives you a marketing & practice management partner without all the unnecessary fees and processes. 

Earnings Estimate:

As a Wisdom Practitioner, you have 100% flexibility on your schedule. You can see patients full-time, part-time, or just one day a week.


Your Earnings After Our Commission:

$225 each for the first 2 initial appointments (60 min).

$160 cash per follow-up appointment (45-min).

Sample Patient Plans:

2 appointments / day, 48 weeks / year:

$91,800 net earning / year

3 appointments / day, 48 weeks / year:

$130,200 net earning / year

4 appointments / day, 48 weeks / year:

$168,600 net earning / year


Apply Now:

Apply now to become a Wisdom Practitioner. It’s free and easy to apply. We can typically start new practitioners within 3-5 days.

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