Remission Medicine

A revolution in natural treatment for ongoing health issues. 

The World Health Organization and the CDC have published studies demonstrating that 80% of chronic health conditions can be prevented by making lifestyle changes. Doctors and researchers like Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Jeffery Bland, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Kelly Turner have demonstrated most chronic conditions are reversible. However, it’s extremely difficult to find proper, professional guidance to truly address the root cause of health issues and move them into remission.

Remission Medicine™ guides you as you implement all the best practices for addressing health issues at the root level. Unlike conventional doctors, Wisdom doctors:

  • Use advanced functional-medicine testing to give you unprecedented insight into your health.
  • Spend more time (45-60 minutes) in each appointment to truly get to know you and develop personalized plans for you.
  • Are trained to truly listen to clients and treat them as unique individuals.
  • Coordinate care with nutritionists, therapists, and intuitive guides to treat your whole-self, not just your symptoms.

Remission Medicine™ is a guided process that includes regular one-on-one visits in combination with educational resources and guided at-home programs.


Step 1: Advanced Health Evaluation & Initial Appointment

Wisdom doctors always start by performing an Advance Health Evaluation, which will analyze every detail of your health back to birth. 

You’ll receive a detailed health intake form which will likely be the most detailed health analysis you’ve ever had. Your doctor will review this before they see you so you’ll have an extremely productive first appointment.


Step 2: Lab Tests

In most instances, your Wisdom doctor will order you a set of functional medicine tests after your first appointment. There are thousands of tests we use that conventional doctors typically don’t offer. Your practitioner will help you decide which tests will be most useful for you.

Most tests will require you to go to a lab nearby to have blood drawn. We have partner lab locations in almost every location in the US. Other tests are taken at home and will be sent to you in the mail.


Step 3: Personalized Holistic Health Protocol

After analyzing your health and interpreting your tests, your doctor will create you a personalized health protocol that addresses your main concerns and helps you establish optimal health. Your protocol will include a combination of resources personalized to your individual test results, health history, and current issues.


Step 4: Guided Health Programs & Group Support

As a Wisdom member, you’ll have unlimited access to all our health programs, including Remission University, and our condition-specific resources to help support you with lifestyle changes in addition to your work with your doctor. You’ll also have access to live group Zoom calls that help with general, foundational health information led by our practitioners.


Step 5: Follow-Up Visits

You’ll have regular visits with your doctor, as well as a nutritionist, therapist, or spiritual guide to help you address every health issue in your life in mind, body, and soul. Your visits will help give you greater insight into the nuances of health. Your sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Advanced nutrition
  • Ongoing nutritional supplement guidance
  • Digestive optimization– Guts walls & microbiome
  • Hormone optimization
  • Cleansing & detox programs
  • Medication Management (if you are with a practitioner in-state)


Questions About Membership?

One of our advisors can help with all of your membership questions.